Perforated Image

Perforated Image Overview

With Custom designed software and advanced tooling technology, Qinghe is able to transform images to perforated image products.

We can transfer your company logo, picture or image to perforated metal. Each image is made to order, customized to fit your needs.

Panel Sizes:

The Smallest Size to show an image is 900MM X 900MM.
There is no limitation for maximum size of the perforating image, as we can split super large size project into easy-handling-sizes. For example, if a walkway perforating image job needs to be 4meter x 48meters, we can make each panel size to be 1M X 2M for easy handling, and total quantity will be 96pieces.

The differences of the hole sizes become the picture when it is viewed from different distance:
View The Rhino from 20cm
View The Rhino from 50cm
View The Rhino from 2M
View The Rhino from 10M
Hole Size

There will be 4-7 hole sizes on one project, for example, holes sizes may be 3MM, 5MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM ETC.

The Smallest hole size is related with the thickness, for example, if customer prefer the material to be 3mm, Aluminum 3003, then the smallest hole diameter on this picture will be 3MM. we are capable of perforating Small Hole Perforated Metal, for example, we can punch 1mm hole size on 1mm thickness, however as most of the perforating Image jobs required thickness more than 2mm, thus in most of the jobs, the smallest hole diameter will be bigger than 2mm.

Customer provide Qinghe the picture and the specifications (material, thickness, sizes etc.) you prefer.
We will design the perforate imaging and send for customers confirmation.

Contact us to develop a quote, timeline, and design plan for your project.

Application of Perforated Imaging

Walls with perforated images or logo
Facades with perforated images
Fencing and Gates
Display Rack

From A Picture to The Perforated Image

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
2MM Aluminium, 910mm Wide X 1600mm Long
Blossom and Birds by Yu Zhi, Qing Dynasty
2MM Aluminium, 910mm Wide X 1100mm Long

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