Bridge Slot Hole Perforation

Bridge Slot Hole Perforation Overview

Bridge Slot Perforation is a special perforation manufactured with exacting precision. The combination of heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings provide great resistance for filtering and ventilation. It is typically used for drying and storing solid matters and all kinds materials including grain, seed, maize, wheat, tea, herbs, and wood chips etc. Bridge Slot Perforation Sheets are often used as filters for water drainage shafts, fountains, drainage, and in chemical processing.

Terms for Bridge Slot Hole Perforation

Drawing for Slot Hole Perforation

The open area of Bridge Slot Perforation is variable and depends on the depth of embossing. An embossed depth of 1.5 mm (suitable for rape seed) provides an open area of 7.4 % for ventilation. Another example are sheets with an embossed depth of 3.0 mm giving an open area of 18.2%.

Applications for Bridge Slot Hole Perforation

Drying and storing solid matters and materials
Filters for fountains and drainage
Guidance for the optimal storage and drying solution
Additional ventilation sheets or replacement of existing damaged ventilation sheets

Specification Table for Bridge Slot Hole Perforation

Stamping  Depth (h)Thickness (s1)Bridge  Basic Length (a1)Bridge Length (a3)Pitch (t)Open Area
1.5 2.0 20.0 24.2 39.0 3.7
1.5 3.0 20.0 24.2 42.0 3.7
1.5 4.0 20.0 24.2 45.0 3.7
1.5 5.0 20.0 24.2 48.0 3.7
1.5 6.0 20.0 24.2 54.0 3.7
1.5 8.0 20.0 24.2 54.0 3.7

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