Oblong Hole Specifications

Oblong Hole Specifications
DescriptionHole SizePitchOAThickness-SteelThickness-Stainless SteelThickness-Aluminum
LR1 X 10Z1 x 107 x 1420%0.4-1.0MM0.0157-0.0394 In0.4-1.0MM0.0157-0.0394 In0.5-1.0MM0.0197-0.0394 In
LR1.5 X 12Z1.5 x 1210.3 x 1621%0.5-1.5MM0.0197-0.0591 In0.4-1.2MM0.0157-0.0472 In0.6-1.5MM0.0236-0.0591 In
LR1.5 X 20Z1.5 x 204 x 5030%0.5-1.5MM0.0197-0.0591 In0.4-1.2MM0.0157-0.0472 In0.6-1.5MM0.0236-0.0591 In
LR2 X 10Z2 x 1010 x 1526%0.5-2.0MM0.0197-0.0787 In0.5-1.5MM0.0197-0.0591 In0.5-2.0MM0.0197-0.0787 In
LR2 X 20Z2 x 2010 x 2531%0.5-2.0MM0.0197-0.0787 In0.5-1.5MM0.0197-0.0591 In0.5-2.0MM0.0197-0.0787 In
LR3 X 20Z3 x 206 x 2674%0.7-3.0MM0.0276-0.1181 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In
LR3 X 20Z3 x 2014 x 2632%0.7-3.0MM0.0276-0.1181 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In
LR4 X 20Z4 x 2010 x 2561%0.8-3.0MM0.0315-0.1181 In0.7-3.0MM0.0276-0.1181 In0.9-3.5MM0.0354-0.1378 In
LR4 X 25Z4 x 256.5 x 4566%0.8-3.0MM0.0315-0.1181 In0.7-3.0MM0.0276-0.1181 In0.9-3.5MM0.0354-0.1378 In
LR4.5 X 25Z4.5 x 257 x 6051%0.9-3.0MM0.0354-0.1181 In0.7-2.5MM0.0276-0.0984 In1.0-3.5MM0.0394-0.1378 In
LR4.75 X 20Z4.75 x 2015 x 2548%0.9-3.0MM0.0354-0.1181 In0.7-2.5MM0.0276-0.0984 In1.0-3.5MM0.0394-0.1378 In
LR5 X 20Z5 x 2020 x 2538%1.0-3.5MM0.0394-0.1378 In0.7-3.0MM0.0276-0.1181 In1.0-3.5MM0.0394-0.1378 In
LR6 X 20Z6 x 2024 x 24.838%1.0-3.5MM0.0394-0.1378 In0.7-3.0MM0.0276-0.1181 In1.5-4.0MM0.0591-0.1575 In
LR 6 X 20Z6 x 2026 x 4022%1.0-3.5MM0.0394-0.1378 In0.7-3.0MM0.0276-0.1181 In1.5-4.0MM0.0591-0.1575 In
LR7 X 20Z7 x 2013 x 47.542%1.0-3.5MM0.0394-0.1378 In0.8-3.0MM0.0315-0.1181 In1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In
LR7 X 25Z7 x 2530 x 3037%1.5-4.0MM0.0591-0.1575 In0.8-3.0MM0.0315-0.1181 In1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In
LR8 X 40Z8 x 4026 x 47.550%1.5-4.0MM0.0591-0.1575 In0.8-3.0MM0.0315-0.1181 In1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In
LR10 X 40Z10 x 4020 x 5076%1.5-4.0MM0.0591-0.1575 In0.8-3.0MM0.0315-0.1181 In1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In
LR2.1 X 20U2.1 X205 X 2533%1.5-4.0MM0.0591-0.1575 In0.5-1.5MM0.0197-0.0591 In1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In
LR2.4 X 20U2.4 X 205 X 2538%1.5-4.0MM0.0591-0.1575 In0.5-1.5MM0.0197-0.0591 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In
LR3 X 20U3 X 205.5 X 2541%1.0-3.0MM0.0394-0.1181 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In1.0-3.0MM0.0394-0.1181 In
LR4.5 X 20U4.5 X 208 X 2544%1.5-4.0MM0.0591-0.1575 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In
LR5 X 30U5 X 309 X 3546%1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In
LR7 X 25U7 X 2512 X 3045%1.5-5.0MM0.0591-0.1969 In0.6-2.5MM0.0236-0.0984 In1.5-6.0MM0.0591-0.2362 In

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